Cancer is a devastating disease – in fact, it is a group of 100 different diseases. In Arkansas, one in every two men and one in every three women will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. Cancer’s economic, psychological and social costs are staggering, and it’s impact on patients, their families and their communities is immeasurable.

Recognizing the need to dramatically impact the cancer burden, the Arkansas Cancer Coalition has updated the Arkansas Cancer Plan. The new plan reflects emerging needs, new issues in cancer prevention, detection and care, and an enhanced understanding of the process. This understanding has been gained from years of experience working with stakeholder organizations in the state.

The purpose of the Arkansas Cancer Plan is to serve as an outline for what can and should be done at the state and local levels for cancer prevention, detection, and care efforts in Arkansas. It identifies activities for coordinated action by government, the private sector, the non-profit sector, Arkansas’ communities and people. This Plan is a living document – published in a loose-leaf binder for easy updating, and will serve as a guide for individuals and organizations in the fight against cancer.


Click here to download the MINI VERSION 3rd edition of the Arkansas Cancer Plan 

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