The Arkansas Cancer Coalition Helps the Arkansas State Fairgrounds write a new and Improved Tobacco Free Policy!

In May of 2015, the Arkansas Cancer Coalition achieved a huge victory when the Arkansas State Fairgrounds adopted a new tobacco policy.  The new policy prevents the use of tobacco and nicotine products in all of the Arkansas State Fair’s indoor facilities, including “open air” facilities like the livestock barns and pavilions. The policy bands the use of electronic smoking devices (ESDs) in all indoor facilities and also prevents smoking within twenty feet of all entrances.  The policy applies to all events held at the Arkansas State Fairgrounds, not just the state fair.

By partnering with Hometown Health Improvement, ACC was able to purchase “No Smoking” signs for the fairgrounds. The signs will be placed at all entrances to each of the fairground’s twenty-seven (27) indoor facility.

With the adoption of its new tobacco policy, the Arkansas State Fairgrounds is one step closer to protecting the 450,000 patrons that visit the fairgrounds annually for the state fair, as well as countless others who visit the fairgrounds for other events.  ACC is currently partnering with the Arkansas State Fair and Deggeller Attractions Inc. to make all of the state fair’s carnival ride lines tobacco and nicotine free in 2015.

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