World No Tobacco Day

Dear Partners,

For World No Tobacco Day 2015, we’re asking you to join us in a ‘blackout’ of all social media pages this Sunday, May 31. Your participation will help raise awareness about tobacco and nicotine use in Arkansas. It is important for individuals know that whether it’s e-cigarettes or smokeless tobacco, these products are not ‘replacements’ for traditional cigarettes. Like cigarettes, they also contain chemicals that harm your body.

This World No Tobacco Day, social media profiles throughout Arkansas are going dark for a brighter, healthier future! We’ve created a profile picture and cover photo for you to use to support our efforts.

We’ve also provided an example social media post. Here’s how you can share to your social media page(s):

Example: Social Media Post with an Image

This World No Tobacco Day, we’re blacking out all of our social media to raise awareness about the negative impact tobacco and nicotine products have on the lives of Arkansans. #BlackoutforaBrighterFuture #WNTD2015 [attach the image we’ve created for you as a JPEG to post].

Step 3: Upload the image using the “Add photo” option and hit “post

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