Newton County Partners

Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation

1910 N Grant St, STE 1-A
Little Rock, AR 72207

Services Provided: The Foundation’s mission is to promote awareness, encourage timely detection and support improved treatment of prostate cancer in Arkansas.



Arkansas Ovarian Cancer Coalition

P.O. Box 7796
Little Rock, AR 72117
The Arkansas Ovarian Cancer Coalition (AROVCC) has developed into the driving force against ovarian cancer in the State. The AROVCC exists with the purpose to educate the public about the signs and symptoms affecting the women of Arkansas.Our membership is comprised of individuals who each have been personally impacted by ovarian cancer. We work to help save lives by disseminating information on the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, ovarian cancer research, and resources available. By promoting professional and public awareness through educational materials, mass mail-outs, rallies, seminars and fundraising events we hope to inform every woman within the state of Arkansas.The AROVCC is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.The AROVCC has developed literature detailing the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. The literature is provided first to citizens of Arkansas, second to Gynecologists, third to Primary Care Physicians within the State of Arkansas. The literature provides awareness to the public, as well as the professionals within the various offices, with the information needed for early detection of this silent and deadly disease.
The AROVCC hosts annual awareness rallies for survivors and others who have been personally impacted by ovarian cancer to join together. Survivors will share their story of triumph and courage and keynote speakers will discuss current research and other resources available.Stay tuned to the website for the latest information on what is coming up with AROVCC.

Arkansas Oncology

1000 N. University 
Little Rock, AR 72207

Services Provided: The center is designed to provide you with convenient access to the care you need — close to your home, family and friends.



Arkansas Minority Health Commission

523 Louisiana, STE 425
Little Rock, AR 72201

Services Provided: 

The Commission supports its mission through:

  • Studying diseases prevalent in racial and ethnic minority populations and issues related to minority health care access and service delivery
  • Identifying any gaps in the state’s health care delivery system that particularly affect minorities
  • Recommending policy changes to relevant agencies and the Arkansas legislature to improve health and healthcare delivery and access for racial and ethnic minorities

Arkansas Medical Dental and Pharmaceutical Association, Inc

PO Box 55104
Little Rock, AR 72201 

Services Provided: resource for its members and their patients toward ensuring professional excellence, promoting social justice, and realizing health equity in Arkansas.



Arkansas Insurance Department

1200 W 3rd 
Little Rock, AR 72205

Services Provided: The purpose of the State Insurance Department is to serve and protect the public interest by the equitable enforcement of the state’s laws and regulations affecting the insurance industry. The primary mission of the State Insurance Department shall be consumer protection through insurer solvency.

Arkansas Human Development Corporation

300 South Spring, Suite 700
Little Rock, AR 72201

Services Provided: To improve the lives of individuals, families and communities through collaborative initiatives.

Assists in increasing the availability of culturally and linguistically competent health services
• Conducts needs assessments
• Networks with other Community Based Organizations [CBOs], government agencies, and other sources for referrals
• Documents accomplishments
• Assists in evaluating effectiveness of programs and impacts
• Measures changes in the community’s knowledge, attitude and belief methods
• Conducts community surveys
• Conducts focus groups
• Provides feedback from the community on how to improve the project

Arkansas Hospital Association

419 Natural Resources Dr
Little Rock, AR 72205

Services Provided:

For more than 80 years, the Arkansas Hospital Association (AHA) has worked for the betterment of hospitals by instituting spirited programs in education, government relations, research and communication.

A strong unified AHA, acting independently and in concert with other hospital associations, is essential to the effectiveness of hospitals and to the future of the state’s healthcare system.


Arkansas Hospice

14 Parkstone Circle
North Little Rock, AR 72116

Services Provided: 

The mission of Arkansas Hospice is to enhance the quality of life for those facing terminal illness and grief by surrounding them with love and embracing them with the best in physical, emotional and spiritual care.


Arkansas Geriatric Education Center

4301 W Markham St #798
Little Rock, AR 72205

Services Provided: 

  • Expand educational opportunities for health professionals practicing in rural and medically underserved areas in Arkansas.
  • Develop and disseminate new curricula, courses, materials and experiences for students in the health professions, including public health and medicine, enrolled in institutions of the AGEC consortium that relate to the treatment of health and socio-economic challenges for elderly individuals.
  • Offer opportunities for education and training in geriatrics to didactic or clinical faculty who teach or supervise students in the health professions.
  • Support continuing education of health professionals who provide geriatric care throughout Arkansas.
  • Provide students with clinical training in geriatrics in settings such as nursing homes, chronic and acute care hospitals, ambulatory care centers (AII COAs) and senior centers (AAA).
  • Develop a comprehensive evaluation plan that addresses primary, secondary and tertiary outcomes.

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