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Letter of Intent due Friday

January 31, 2011 | By Rachael Moore

“Letters of Intent” to apply for the Arkansas Cancer Plan Implementation Grants are due by 4 p.m. on Friday, February 4, 2011. The Arkansas Cancer Coalition (ACC) will award grants to ACC Partners who work to advance specific and proven cancer control strategies across the state in the Disparities, Prevention and Access to Treatment chapters of the […]

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Fight Cervical Cancer with a Vaccine

January 28, 2011 | By Rachael Moore

The Arkansas Department of Health and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences will be launching the Cervical Cancer Education Prevention Program, promoting the cervical cancer vaccine, at the Pine Bluff home and garden show at the Pine Bluff Convention Center on February 12th. For more information, visit

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Smoke free, does our state make the grade?

January 21, 2011 | By Rachael Moore

Tobacco control is a priority of the Arkansas Cancer Plan. Is it a priority for the state?

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Grants Administrative Procedures Manual

January 18, 2011 | By Rachael Moore

The Arkansas Cancer Coalition (ACC) staff wants you and your program to be successful. This manual is one tool to assist you in reaching that goal.

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Access to treatment tested by ARKids First renewal

January 14, 2011 | By Rachael Moore

Annual renewal process leads to lost coverage for state’s children.

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Coalition office closed for snow

January 10, 2011 | By Rachael Moore

The Arkansas Cancer Coalition’s (ACC) inclement weather policy states ACC offices will close in the event the Little Rock School District closes their schools. That just so happened today. Know what goes with hot cocoa? A good book, you say? Yes, that does fit. But also, it’s a great time to get more familiar with […]

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Healthcare repeal, what it means for cancer control

January 7, 2011 | By Rachael Moore

Democrats and Republicans are debating the merits of healthcare, and the possible repeal of healthcare, mostly on how policy will affect deficits. But how does healthcare impact cancer control?

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Nonprofits eligible for leftover campaign funds

January 4, 2011 | By Rachael Moore

Arkansas Annotated Code allows for surplus funds to be directed to properly designated nonprofit agencies.

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Local control on tobacco given setback

January 3, 2011 | By Rachael Moore

First the requirements of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act that cigarette advertising be limited to black and white advertising where minors might view it were struck down. Now the ostensible overturning of Federal preemption for state and local authority to regulate point of purchase advertising was delivered a blow by a federal Judge in New York Wednesday, December 29.

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